Netzzappen is a platform that presents screenshots of websites that correspond to the entered search terms.
You get a preview of the web pages – in real time. Netzzappen offers a new dimension of searching in the world wide web, it revolutionizes the search.

It works according to the WYSIWYG principle: Because of the screenshots, you can see with a glance what the website offers and whether it is relevant and interesting for you. The search becomes more efficient and more effective. No long reading of the results is necessary. Due to the preview, you can immediately decide what the right result for you is.

Netzzappen enables zapping through the World Wide Web with swiping and dragging the screenshots. Interesting web pages can be noticed immediately, opened directly and additionally can be shared and forwarded with one click.

Netzzappen is of high quality, it was developed in Austria and is hosted in Germany. It respects the privacy and does not store any personal data.