What is Netzzappen?

Netzzappen is a platform that presents screenshots of websites that correspond to the entered search terms.
You get a preview of the web pages – in real time.

Is Netzzappen free?

Yes, Netzzappen is a free service.

How does the ranking work?

Netzzappen loads the screenshots simultaneously (asynchronously). The Web server, which delivers faster, is displayed first. Screenshots, which have already been cached by our proxy, are displayed first. Netzzappen always reloads new screenshots.

Can Netzzappen create a screenshot of any web page?

No, since we still have to pay attention to our server performance, we can only make screenshots of those websites that work without javascript.

Why does it happen that some screenshots are not displayed correctly?

If there are complex animations on the page, you can not see that on a screenshot. Because then you would need a screenshot video ;-)

Can I register my website at Netzzappen?

Yes, this feature is planned for the next releases.

Can I check how my web page looks like at Netzzappen?

Yes, shortly. This feature will be offered when adding a new website.

Your question is not listed? For further questions please contact support@netzzappen.com, we are constantly expanding the FAQ section.