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Benefit from more efficient and effective search: enjoy results as previews of web pages in real time.

Search with Emoji

Try searching with Emojis an let see what rersults you will get. With this revolutionary tool it would be even no longer required to be able to write.

Use Tags

Use the perfect overview – use our tags to zap through the most suitable websites for different topics. For an easier and quicker navigation around the web. For you.

Search directly in the URL

Simply append a search term to and specify the search variant @web, @video , @pdf, @image, e.g.:
It's that easy to create any link to any topic.

Protect your privacy

You want privacy? You are so right! Just switch to our search engine that does not track you. We respect privacy and don`t store any personal data.


We're working on a combination of AI and AS. Artificial intelligence and artificial sarcasm form a neural network, while artificial sarcasm represents the non-objectives. This makes the search matrix even more accurate.

Project Page

Project Page is the social network for websites. At a glance you can see all pages, links, and social networks. You can share, rate or comment on all pages.

Search Manager

You want to optimize your customers' web projects? Or your own Website? You want something completely new? You want more success in the Internet? And you want a clear statistical representation of success?
Then try Netzzappen's Search Manager.
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Advertising opportunities

Promote your own web projects effectively and organize your campaigns yourself. Publish your own tags and target your interesting audience directly.
Go! Get your projects better known with the Search Manager.

About Us

Netzzappen is different, perhaps even a little revolutionary or crazy, but also simple, clear and especially logical. We are of the opinion: Netzzappen is the logical consequence of our time. And there are several reasons for this, which we would kindly explain there:

1 picture says more than 1000 words - even faster

Netzzappen offers a brain-friendly searching method: Our brain prefers visual representations to texts. This is because images can be processed much faster and with less effort than font content, even up to 60,000 times faster. Netzzappen helps to save your valuable time: With Netzzappen you can immediately recognize the content of the results because the importance of a visual representation is clear to us at first glance. We can immediately assess intuitively whether it is relevant to us or not. Netzzappen offers a clear advantage in the current information overload. It is more and more difficult for many people to concentrate permanently on just one thing, such as reading a text. This is where Netzzappen comes in. It works regardless of the decreasing attention. Of course, because images are captured quickly and intuitively. And last but not least: Netzzappen offers a natural and human method. Not only since our digital age does the brain prefer visual information. Even before the invention of written language, people were communicating with each other. With pictures. So the human brain is well trained to decode images.

More accessibility

Netzzappen offers an easier access to searching in the web for all people, regardless of how pronounced their reading skills are. By presenting the results of web pages as images no reading of complex textes is neccesarry. By using Netzzappen you just have to take a look at the screenshots which site is interesting for you. Then click on it and get exactly the result you have seen before as a preview.


We believe that the protection of your data is a very important issue. And we don't want to make money with your private data. In contrast to other large, well-known search engines, Netzzappen respects your privacy. We dont track, who you are, we don`t have an user profile and use no cookies.

Netzzappen convinces with top quality

Netzzappen is a high quality, european search engine. It was developed in Austria and is hosted in Germany. We are not an us-american product, we respect privacy, and does not store any personal data.


More success in the internet. For your customers and for you. You are SEO? You want to optimize your customers' web projects? You want to offer your customers something completely new? And you want a descriptive representation to present your customers the success of the optimization? Then Netzzappen's Search Manager should be the right for you. Try now for free! As an interesting alternative to google or additionally. For more success in the Internet.
Your advantages:

  • Help your customers to be more successful on the Internet.
  • Offer your customers a new, additional alternative to search engine optimization.
  • Present a clear statistical representation of success
  • Advertise multiple web projects simultaneously
  • Manage multiple projects yourself via the easy-to-use interface.
You are not a SEO, an agency or a company? But you have your own web project, maybe a blog or a homepage? And you would like a few more users? Very good! Then try Netzzappen's Search Manager right now. It's easy and free now! Search Manager gives you the opportunity to promote your own web projects and organize them yourself. Plan your own campaign and Check the success yourself with the statistical analysis in the dashboard. Register now, for free!

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Netzzappen began as an idea during staying in a long traffic jam. While waiting we talked about the growing preference of images instead of words/textes and began a discussion what are the reasons for: Is it just trendy or are there more profound reasons behind it? We started to take a closer look at the topic and found out many scientific facts about brainfriendly information and human awareness. The main statement was: Our brain processes images much faster and and their meaning is intuitively grasped. Then, why has this realization not yet arrived on the Internet? So Netzzappen was born.
  • 2016

    September: First Ideas
    October: Netzzappen was born
    November: Hurray, we go online !
    December: Social Media
  • 2017

    January: Screenshot Server
    March: pdf and video search
    April: Tags
    November: Search Manager
    December: Search with Emoji
  • 2018

    January: Netzzappen crawler
    March: 300K screenshots
    April: new info page
    November: Image search
    December: 500K screenshots
  • 2019

    January: Voice control
    February: New Screenshot Cluster
    November: Netzzappen Maps
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